This blog is about the politics of change. It approaches this question from a range of angles, some more direct than others. It addresses new utopian imaginings, the changing character of the state, and the possibilities for new, radical forms of institutional expression. But it also addresses the politics of how academic and cultural texts – from mainstream movies to anti-abortion posters and scholarly ideas – get imagined, owned and given away.

I’ve called this blog, “Social Politics and Stuff” to get at both the well-delineated and the inchoate when it comes to politics. Some issues seem to generate clear political choices; others emerge as political in their unfolding. “Stuff” gets at that range of concerns which are hard to pin down, hard sometimes even to define. As “stuff” we know them as the impossible-to-specify contemplations and anxieties that mentally and materially circulate. This blog is interested in letting stuff, and the politics of stuff, take shape, whether it is the weak ties that family trees create, the playful possibilities of small numbers or the social ordering of school uniforms.

For more details on my published work, see https://kent.academia.edu/DavinaCooper

My most recent book on the conceptual possibilities and politics generated by adventures in living and governing is Everyday Utopias: The Conceptual Life of Promising Spaces (Duke UP, 2014) 



I work as a professor of law & political theory at the University of Kent, UK. My research and writing over the past 23 years have addressed institutional conflicts, particularly around religion, sexuality and property, and social concepts, such as belonging, the state, equality and power, in ways that seek to contribute to a left transformative politics.

For further information see http://www.kent.ac.uk/law/people/academic/Cooper,_Davina.html

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