On Corbyn, antisemitism and things Jewish

Davina Cooper and Didi Herman Yet another episode in the story of Jeremy Corbyn’s antisemitism. This time from 2012, in expressed support for a graffiti artist’s free speech rights after the artist’s painting of white bankers playing monopoly on the backs of the globe’s dispossessed was declared offensive for its racist caricatures of Jews. And […]

A Labour Party of protest or government? Bringing politics back in

A party of protest or a party of government – according to Gordon Brown these are the options, the choices at stake, suggesting they are very different things, polarities even. Those who protest don’t govern and those who govern don’t protest. But is this right? Social movement organisations, the back-bone of the protest movement, also govern […]

Is there only power or the wilderness? On Labour selecting a leader

Instead of obsessing about taking power in five years, Labour should support projects of social transformation today. This is the kind of leadership Labour needs. In power or in the wilderness, the British Labour Party it would seem has two settings. Or, at least that’s what they tell us. The present struggle over leadership of […]

Where are the loony politics today?

Plans to now privatize Britain’s Royal Mail draw parallels with Thatcher utility sell-offs, but while the 80s was a time of ferocious marketization, it was also a hugely vital time politically as new radical ideas were developed and practiced, often in highly fraught and contested contexts. Of course the 80s and today, in Britain, aren’t […]